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Sunset Standard Poodles

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About 80 Years ago, my Grandpa was called a “horse whisperer.” His deep passion to help animals lead into a career, taming wild horses! Later my father learned hands on by his side since childhood. I too growing up, while watching my Father and Grandpa taking care of animals on our farm, fell in love with animals as well! I became excited and dedicated to start my career as soon as possible. With hard work and joy, I got my Vet Assistance license. I then went on to get my Veterinary Technician license. A deep passion grew in my heart to help people, who are going through pain, cure and recover by having a loving companion that will never betray them. When my husband and I got married, we were exited to add a new member to our family. When we meet our Girl Daisy, we absolutely fell in love with her! Her magical therapeutic benefits and jolly spirit made us fall in love with this breed. We also wanted our children to raise up with a puppy and learn the responsibility of raising and taking care of others. We realized how much joy they brought into our lives and became passionate to give other families these heartwarming bundles of joy!


Our goal is not to simply raise and care for AKC purebred puppies, but to raise them to the highest standard!  Every single puppy starts training since day 3. We do it for the betterment of the breed, health, and temperament. Each individual puppy gets the special care and love that they deserve. We provide: trained, healthy, well socialized puppies fully equipped to come to your beautiful family. We are a small home breeder and we like it that way because it insures that we have the time for our pups. Our standards has given us the opportunity to produce puppies for therapy, search and rescue for firefighters, go home to Cameron Clark, New Your Jets NFL Football player, Model puppy for Staud clothing, and loving family pets.

We go by the golden rule to treat people and pets the way we would like to be treated. That is why we strive to produce quality, smart, stable temperamented, healthy, beautiful puppies. From our home to yours. 


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