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Our Care

The Foundation
  1.  Come with Registered AKC paperwork, will be given after proof of spay/neuter letter from the Vet is sent.

  2.  Our parents are Health tested for All the poodle inheritable diseases through Paw Print genetics or Embark to ensure our poodle pups will not have one of these diseases. VWd, DM, NEWS, and PRA-PRCD.

  3.  Puppy culture training for ENS Early neurological stimulation

   4. 2 year health guarantee

   5. Trim face to get them used to grooming (optional).
   6. Clip nails every week after 3 weeks old. As they start to walk, the short nails will help their feet stay in the correct position, so their         bones and muscles would develop correctly. It also helps to  desensitize the puppies because their paws are the most                  sensitive part, Which equips them to stay calm at the groomers.

   7. Raised indoors in a sanitized clean area, using the misty method, which will go a long way to house training them.
   8. 75% potty trained. We put the hard work in so you don't have to. 
   9. Create trained. We make it comfortable and inviting with blankets, treats and toys.
 10. Each puppy gets a vet check from head to tail with a detailed report
 11.Vet visit and up to date on Vaccines and deworming
 12. Go home with a blanket and toy of mom scent on it for a stress free transition
 13. Go home with current food
 14. Teach them to sit, and stay before they get their food
 15. Puppy pictures and  weekly updates.

 16. Call them by their name when you pick it out 🤍

 17. Weaned with Goats milk
18. Volhards puppy aptitude testing to help you choose the puppy that suits best for you. Puppy aptitude testing evaluates a puppy's behavioral tendencies ranging from social attraction (degree of social attraction to people, confidence or dependence), Following, restraint, Social Dominance, Elevation Dominance, Retrieving, to Sound and Sight Sensitivity and Stability. The test parts are done consecutively and in a specific order.

19. Get lots of toys and play time. Scientific study's show that toys and playtime in more than just entertainment for the puppies. Animals that are raised in this environment, with plenty of toys, exercises and challenges, have bigger brains with more nuro-connections than animals that were not in this environment. This helps them go to your home equipped to Learn, memorize and have a healthy emotional response.

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