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Meet Strawberry, her warm demeanor and easygoing attitude make her a wonderful dog. Strawberry's love for play is boundless and infectious. Always ready for fun and games, she brings a sense of joy and laughter to every moment spent together. Her gentle and affectionate nature ensures that she has a balance between playfulness and tenderness makes her an absolute joy to have around 



After an extensive and meticulous search, we are thrilled to introduce Archie, the newest addition to our breeding program. Descending from an impressive lineage of 26 generations of Champion bloodlines, Archie's heritage speaks volumes about his exceptional pedigree. From the moment Archie joined our program, it became evident that his temperament truly reflects the excellence of his ancestry. He possesses all the qualities we sought in a stud - intelligence, beauty, and an eagerness to learn. Remarkably, he has swiftly mastered commands, showcasing his innate intelligence and trainability. Archie's well-rounded temperament is a testament to his outstanding breeding. He exudes confidence and poise, making him exceptionally well-suited for public settings and crowded environments. His calm and composed demeanor allows him to interact gracefully with people, effortlessly welcoming affectionate encounters from admirers.

He effortlessly gets along with children, other dogs, and cats, displaying a harmonious and friendly disposition that shows a well-bred and well-socialized dog.



Welcome to the extraordinary world of Amani, a remarkable therapy dog whose nurturing nature and exceptional genetics make her a true canine treasure. With a lineage of therapy excellence, Amani possesses a unique gift for bringing comfort and joy wherever she goes, making a profound impact on the lives she touches.

Amani's gentle demeanor and intuitive understanding set her apart as an exceptional therapy dog, earning her the admiration and love of all who meet her. Her innate ability to connect with individuals on a profound level has resulted in the training and development of future service and therapy puppies, continuing her legacy of healing and support.

Beyond her exceptional talents, it is Amani's boundless affection and loving nature that truly make her shine. Her heart overflows with warmth and tenderness, and she eagerly shares her love through affectionate cuddles and endless tail wags.

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