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The puppy culture method

What is Puppy Culture?

Puppy Culture was developed by Jane Killion, professional dog breeder and trainer. It offers everything you need to know from day 1 of puppies life till they go home to you. 


The first weeks of a puppy’s life are crucial. This is an almost magical time when a breeder has the power to change the outcome of a puppy’s life forever by how much time and effort we choose to put into each individual puppy. By doing just the right things at just the right time, we can give your puppy the best approach to life possible to equipped with everything it needs to thrive.


Prenatal Period:

Making sure that parents are health tested and clear from all genetic health issues, to guarantee puppies health. The physical and emotional health of the mother will affect the health of her puppies. Since research has shown that puppies born to mothers that receive prenatal massage are more docile and enjoy being touched, we spoil our mothers with lots of affection and belly massages. A puppy’s predisposition to form deep and meaningful relationships begins even before they are born. 


Neonatal Period: 0-14 days

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) begins on day 3 and continues through day 16. Research shows that tiny struggles and stresses in appropriate small doses are actually good for puppies and will help them grow into strong, healthy well-adjusted adults. Benefits include greater tolerance to stress, greater resistance to disease, faster adrenal system, stronger heart rate and stronger heartbeat. This is a gift that a breeder can only give their puppies once during the window of 3-16 days.- Dr. Carmen Battaglia Author (ENS) Early Neurological Stimulation


Transitional Period: 14-21 days

Behavioral markers are used to identify the beginning and end of each developmental period because every puppy is different and these timelines are simply guidelines. This period starts when puppy’s open their eyes and ends when they start experiencing their first startle reflex, when hearing a sound. This is best time to sound train them since their ability to fear yet did not develop and they recover much faster from noises, therefore, they won't be afraid. 


Critical Socialization Period: 3-12 weeks

Socialization and exposing your puppies to as much different noises and new experiences as possible while the puppy is young, is a good idea but not all that they need. They need play time with toys that are not only fun, but teach them to think. For example, having a puppy go down a small slide, or going through a tunnel, Standing on a wobbly surface and trying to balance, proves that they will have larger brain mass and will be smarter and stronger than the puppies their own age that didn't get that training. Our goal is to raise dogs that have the emotional intelligence to connect with you and your loved ones. Emotional intelligence can be taught  very well to the puppies through the Puppy Culture Program. 

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